The project


This project is an experimental proposal of web twinning thought by EducAid and a student of Educative field in the International cooperation master. It aims to involve teachers and students as active subjects of activities. The project wants to highlight limits and opportunities of the web twinning, using active education, empowerment and action research. EducAid wants above all verify the real usefulness of this instrument for:

  • develop education activities to promote a “global good”;
  • intercultural education activities;
  • exchanging good procedure methods and experiments between teachers of different countries about similar subjects, in particular school inclusion of children with special educational needs.


Promote exchange of knowledge between italian children and children from Gaza, to give them an opportunity to communicate with foreign world. This exchange of knowledge shall be about promoting children rights and, in particular, in which way they perceive its. Promote educative games to learn through playing Promote children rights through use of video support and make a documentary about their perception of children rights.


Achievement of an interactive web site like an opportunity to can share and work together in order to obtain same objectives. Through their perception of human rights, in particular children rights, they work to deepen this theme and realize, after a research made together, a film documentary.


Teachers of the involved classes Students of involved classes Families and common society


  • Creation of a web community in internet with children and teachers in English, a good way to improve their knowledge of a foreign language;
  • Creation of a relationship between teachers to help together and exchange suggestions about education;
  • Give an opportunity to use educative video-games instead war games and the opportunity to learn and explain their feeling during these games;
  • Exchange through the web site of documents, photos, ideas, feelings;
  • Deepening of children right in a funny way, suitable for children, their history, what they establish, their importance, ecc;
  • Vision of films connected to the theme;
  • Workshop of video – maker;
  • Write a screenplay together helped by the web site;
  • Realize a short film documentary about their vision of children rights.


The network is certainly one of the fastest and cheapest methods to connect and put people of various countries in touch. Today’s young people know and use the network daily. The educational twinning action on the Internet intends to profit from the popularity of this tool (the Internet) among the young people, while linking it strongly with the educational activities to be developed at school, in each participating class. Dealing with the same themes to promote discussions between young people of different places through the twinning on the Internet makes contacts of different cultures possible. On the web site, students and teachers of the schools from every country involved in the project will have the opportunity to exchange information, to communicate the outcome of their classroom activities, and to get new information from foreign students and teachers, in this way fostering the people’s knowledge about the meaning of Children Rights. On the web site, Palestinian children will have an opportunity to know and meet children of an other country and could understand that in other places there is not war, there are not everytime bombs, people could move and travel. They will have an opportunity to know that another world is possible, that a a world without war exists. Also, Italian children could knows how live Palestinian children, how is their school, their life, their games. On the web site, teachers and students could share their materials, their ideas and could make together a calendar of activities.


A web site to put in contact children from Gaza and from Italy; A web site to put in contact teachers from Gaza and from Italy; Work together with same objectives; Make a similar program of activities; Knowledge of children rights; An opportunity to write and express their ideas and their fantasy; A web site to share useful methodologies to face the learning difficulties.