Children’s rights


Everywhere in the World every child has same needs and also same rights

Children’s rights are universal, every right is important

Children can grew up happy, only if their rights are respected

Since 2003, EducAid collaborates with its Palestinian partner REC (Remedial Education Center) to promote school inclusion for children with special needs. In march 2009, a new project has started, Ga-S–Ink – “Promotion of Gaza School inclusion”, supported by European Union, Regione Emilia-Romagna and by the Municipality of Rimini, Ravenna Riccione and Province Of Rimini. Ga-S–Ink aims to promote the idea of an inclusive school proposing the following activities:

  • 3240 remedial activities in extra-school time, realized for 720 children with learning difficulties;
  • Sharing support teachers working in 6 selected schools, in order to assist the governmental teachers and facilitate the inclusion of children with learning difficulties/special needs;
  • workshops and play activities for 6000 children attending the primary schools.

Since 2004, Day Care Center ensures for children with special needs, excluded by the public school., a proper care and educational programme. Day Care Center is attended by children with special needs aged between 5 and 12. The DCC will work as the primary step for the children with special needs before they will start going to the governmental primary school. Teachers and educators working in the DCC will cooperate with governmental teachers of the schools and sharing support teachers in order to identify children to include in the public primary school. Teachers and educators will participate to training course, organized by experts in school inclusion issue.

  • 8 Training Courses realized;
  • 881 Workshops for children realized in governmental schools;
  • 18 Meetings with children families organized;
  • 10 Meetings with governmental teachers organized;
  • 11 Network meetings (schools, NGOs, institutions) organized,;
  • 13 refresher courses/active training performed by REC trainers and supervisors realized for governmental teachers.

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